Kickstarter has just approved our new 60 day campaign to support Children of Pearl.

We’ll be re-launching this coming weekend, so that we have a window that lasts until Sunday, June 3.

Once we re-launch, we’ll hope to see all our previous backers step up with the same support as before. Again, your previous pledge was cancelled, so all you need to do is repeat the simple sign-up at Kickstarter.

We have been able to reduce the budget for Children this time, thanks to gifts of time from the producers and others – people who are willing to work for a little less to get the project completed. We’re very grateful and looking forward to another campaign with true success.

More coming very soon..

Today, April 1, at 2 PM, our Kickstarter campaign will come to a close. Since we didn’t reach the goal, our pledges of support to date will not be activated by Amazon. Again, for those who have made pledges at Kickstarter: Your pledge will be cancelled at 2 PM eastern time today, with no cost to you.

Just this week, we’ve recently received generous pledges from: Becky Shultz, Patricia Sprague, Lynda Berube, Sharon Steelhammer, Barbara Vaughan, Dorinda Nicholson, BankersLab, Joe Hubbard, Sally Winston-Norris, R.L. Fink, and Chris Darbro. We’re very grateful for all that support, as well as the many good wishes we’ve received.

But even these recent pledges have left us far from our completion budget.

Still, we’ve decided that we don’t want to shelve all the work we’ve done. We still feel strongly that the program should reach an audience, and that this niche of American history deserves proper representation. So, we’ve decided to take advantage of an option from Kickstarter, and apply to restart our campaign. Notice we said ‘restart’ – we cannot simply extend the campaign; We have to start it over again, with a different goal than before.

The good news is that we’ve found some outside support and ways to make concessions in our production budget, so the new goal will be smaller, and hopefully easier to attain.

For our Kickstarter backers, a restart means that we need you to offer your pledge again. Remember, your initial pledge will be cancelled today. But if you still feel that Children of Pearl is something you would like to support, all you need to do is repeat the step you took recently. We’re not asking anyone to increase support, just to renew it.

Kickstarter does not provide the individual e-mail addresses of our backers to us until the project is fully funded (we can only mail you through the project’s page). So we won’t have a chance to notify you directly when the new version of our project is online – it should be just a few days. But watch this blog and our Facebook page (here) for the announcement.

And for purposes of building a mailing list, or voicing your ideas for the program and its support, we’d love to hear from you – write us at childrenofpearl@yahoo.com.

Thanks again to all who have taken an interest in Children of Pearl. Please stick with us for the next campaign.

Margaret (Peggy) Unger, one of the child survivors of Pearl Harbor, has very generously pledged $1,000 at Kickstarter to Children of Pearl – a fantastic show of support. Margaret also shared some of her story with us, including an account of how her bathrobe was used for bandaging in the aftermath of the attack: “My sister and I had been wearing seersucker night gowns and robes when the bombing began and we had given up our robes at the shelter, to be used as bandaging.  It was dreadful to leave, after the second wave of bombing ceased, to see and step over strips of our robes, stained with oil, blood and serum from those terrible wounds I’d seen.”

Peggy went on to a career as nurse, helping others through her life, thanks to her part in the “Day Of Infamy”.

And Peggy has been with our campaign from the beginning, as part of our Facebook and blog badge (she’s in the left of the photo). Thank you so much, Peggy!


Thanks to our latest group of backers! We’re grateful to Anita Ritchie Williams, Judith and Eugene Wernicke, Becky Shultz, and Patricia Sprague for their support.

Of course, time is drawing very short on this campaign, and we’re very far from our goal. But your faith in the project is very much appreciated.

We encourage you all to post our links and spread the word:



We’re hopeful that this documentary can find legs regardless of the outcome of the Kickstarter campaign.

Thanks, and stay tuned…


Our latest backer is Kathleen Honsberger, who has pledged 25 dollars and will receive a copy of the DVD if we reach our Kickstarter goal.

Thanks for your support, Kathleen.

Thank you to Charles Haessig, who has pledged $500.00 to Children of Pearl at Kickstarter.com.

If our documentary is fully funded, Charles’ name and photo, or the name and photo of another person provided by Charles, and a 50-character dedication will be included in our memory video, found in the DVD’s extras. Every DVD copy will have this feature, including Charles’ copy, of course.

This is a great way to permanently dedicate our documentary to a veteran.

Thank you very much, Charles!

Our thanks to Helen Kampf, our latest 50 Buck Backer.

If Children of Pearl is fully funded, Helen will receive a DVD of our documentary, and her name will appear in the credits.

We’re grateful for your support, Helen.

If you have not taken a look at our Kickstarter page, check it out today. Time is running out.