Thanks to our latest group of backers! We’re grateful to Anita Ritchie Williams, Judith and Eugene Wernicke, Becky Shultz, and Patricia Sprague for their support.

Of course, time is drawing very short on this campaign, and we’re very far from our goal. But your faith in the project is very much appreciated.

We encourage you all to post our links and spread the word:



We’re hopeful that this documentary can find legs regardless of the outcome of the Kickstarter campaign.

Thanks, and stay tuned…


Our latest backer is Kathleen Honsberger, who has pledged 25 dollars and will receive a copy of the DVD if we reach our Kickstarter goal.

Thanks for your support, Kathleen.

Thank you to Charles Haessig, who has pledged $500.00 to Children of Pearl at Kickstarter.com.

If our documentary is fully funded, Charles’ name and photo, or the name and photo of another person provided by Charles, and a 50-character dedication will be included in our memory video, found in the DVD’s extras. Every DVD copy will have this feature, including Charles’ copy, of course.

This is a great way to permanently dedicate our documentary to a veteran.

Thank you very much, Charles!

Our thanks to Helen Kampf, our latest 50 Buck Backer.

If Children of Pearl is fully funded, Helen will receive a DVD of our documentary, and her name will appear in the credits.

We’re grateful for your support, Helen.

If you have not taken a look at our Kickstarter page, check it out today. Time is running out.

Our thanks to Jeff Mason who has pledged $50 at our Kickstarter page in support of Children of Pearl. Supporters like Jeff offer more than their money to the project – they offer real encouragement to the filmmakers.

Please take a look at our Kickstarter campaign today and help out if you can.


We’re starting our week with some good news – Another $1,100 has been pledged to Children of Pearl. Our thanks to Brian and Leslye Whittman for their $100 pledge and to Catherine Shambaugh for increasing her pledge by $1,000. It’s support like this that keeps us focused and encouraged.

But the calendar days are passing fast, and if Children of Pearl  is not fully funded by April 1, our Kickstarter campaign will close, and the documentary may be shelved forever. Please pass along our need for support to anyone you know who feels strongly about history and hopes to see it preserved.

Thanks so much.

Another new supporter, Lou Large, has joined us at Kickstarter.com. Lou’s $50 commitment earns a DVD and an on-screen thank you in Children of Pearl. We’re very grateful for Lou’s support.

Visit our Kickstarter page today. We’d like to add you to the credits, too.

Remember, if the show is not fully funded by April 1, it may never see the light of day, and your pledge need not be fulfilled.

Questions? Write us at childrenofpearl@yahoo.com.


Our thanks to Joan Earle, who has made a $250 pledge to help complete Children of Pearl. Thank you, Joan!

You can learn more of Joan’s story by buying her book, The Children of Battleship Row, at Amazon. Joan has her own site, too, at http://www.pearlharborchildren.com/.

Joan is just one of the child survivors eager to have their story told to a wide audience. But Children of Pearl is danger of sinking, with our goal for funding still a long way away, and the calendar days getting short. If we are not funded by our Kickstarter campaign by April 1, the project will likely be shelved.

Take a minute to visit Kickstarter and help us out if you can. Remember, no money changes hands unless the complete goal is met, and you will receive a gift for your pledge, starting with DVDs at $25.


We’ve just updated our Kickstarter page to include an FAQ – answers to the questions we most often hear about Children of Pearl. Go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/childrenofpearl/children-of-pearl and scroll to the bottom of the Project Home page.

Do you have a question for us? If so, we’d love to hear from you. You can drop us a line at childrenofpearl@yahoo.com.

Our Latest Backer

Happy to add Castor Ramirez to our backer list today at Kickstarter.

Castor wrote us to tell about his grandfather having arrived in Hawaii on the USS Oglala just the day before the Pearl Harbor attack, with his family (including Castor’s dad) already on the islands. Needless to say, their lives were never the same after the next Sunday morning.

Thanks to Castor for his backing pledge and personal story.

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