Margaret Unger, one of the child survivors, has very generously renewed her pledge at Kickstarter.com.

Today, our total is an even $6,000… Still far short of our goal of $48,400. This second campaign was initiated when we were given an indication that large supporters might step forward to help us deliver our documentary. To date, these backers have not been able to help as expected. So the need for grass roots support is even greater, and time is elapsing quickly.

The second Kickstarter campaign will close in about 25 days, so the time for any help is now. We’re grateful to all our friends and those history advocates that have helped by making a backing pledge or passing along information about our project. Take a moment to consider any support you can offer to help us reach our goal, and as always, thanks for your interest in Children of Pearl.

John Montgomery of the Fostoria Focus spent some time with us last week and the result was a terrific piece in this past weekend’s edition:

You can read it right here

We’re happy to follow up on our recent post about child survivor Stephen Kallis with a link to an audio recording of Stephen’s interview on WFLA radio in Tampa.

Be sure to listen through right to the end to hear how child-size gas masks were decorated.

Click here to hear the interview.

Among the child survivors of Pearl Harbor that we have recently met is Stephen Kallis. Stephen was four years old on December 7, 1941, and his father was stationed in Hawaii as a coast artillery officer.

As Stephen tells us:

“My mother stood in the doorway of where we lived (Quarters 25, Officer’s Row, Fort Kamehameha) watching my father race to reach his troops, when a Japanese aircraft fired a single round that scored the sidewalk at the quarters and stopped close to her.”
The bullet remains in the Kallis family to this day:
We’ll post an audio interview with Stephen right here very soon.

Our Second Campaign at Kickstarter is off to good start, with many of our supporters from the first fundraising period quickly returning to help on this go-around. Thanks to all. 

And we’ve seen some new folks come aboard… Thanks to Tom Hofbauer, who pledged just today. 

This new campaign will also reach out to companies and organizations who support efforts like ours – documentaries dedicated to the preservation of a facet of American history. 

If you are a part of, or know of, an organization that can help us complete Children of Pearl, please let us know at childrenofpearl@yahoo.com.


Since the launch of the Second Campaign just 24 hours ago, 5 of our previous supporters have renewed their pledges at Kickstarter.com… A great way to start the new campaign.

If you were a supporter in our first effort, remember that your pledge was cancelled on April 1, so please renew your backing right away.

Use the links here at childrenofpearl.com to find us at Kickstarter and Facebook.


We told you all recently how many people have encouraged us to try to fund Children of Pearl again through Kickstarter.com. Tonight, we’re pleased to announce that we are indeed up and running at Kickstarter once more, this time at a different link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/childrenofpearl/children-of-pearl-second-campaign.

The “Second Campaign”, as we call it, has a far more modest goal of about $48,000. We were able to start this campaign with this lower target for completion thanks to our production partners agreeing to work for less when the project is fully funded. We’ve also had to drop some planned creative elements of the documentary, at least for the time being. But the important thing is that, if we can get to our new goal, the stories we’ve collected so far will be supplemented with new ones from the child survivors we’ve met recently, and all those stories will get presented, with the program offered for distribution by any broadcast programmer who would like it. This niche of history won’t be forgotten in that case.

If you were one of our initial backers, we need you to renew your pledge at the new link. All you are doing is extending your pledge, really. Your first pledge was cancelled, and now if you will simply repeat the pledge process, we’ll be back on track.

The Children of Pearl Second Campaign will run until June 3, and we’re trying once more largely because of the constant encouragement of so many who have contacted us through this blog. So, please stay with us and spread the word once again.

Thanks! Stay tuned to see how we do, and learn more about Children of Pearl.